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Posted on July 30, 2011


Hello Bloggers!  First of, we are here to promote our unique value proposition in the commercial real estate world in our community.  Ann and I are both Vietnamese brokers with over 5 years each in the industry.  We both grew up in the  Uptown neighborhood since the late 70’s , so we can say we live, eat and sleep Uptown.  Uptown has grown from a very high crime urban town into a very desirable neighborhood.  I still remember how rough the neighborhood used to be when growing up.  My family, friends and relatives all have our fair share of bad experiences , but thank god it was the past.

Well, enough said about the unpleasant past and look at Uptown now.  You now have Starbucks, Chase, Borders, Target, bars, and restaurant harvesting the area.  Most importantly, what makes up Uptown for me is “Argyle”.  The ‘Little Chinatown” was an overcrowded, one strip block, street from Sheridan Rd to Broadway Ave.  The block was filled with retail businesses of mini-grocery stores, video rentals, fashion, gifts, beauty salons, and restaurants.  Back in the 80’s, to drive from one end to the other would take at least 20 minutes, and to find parking, good luck with that.  As Uptown gradually changes, local Asian business owners slowly follow the pace and ‘Argyle’ is not as saturated as it used to be.  Businesses moved out of Argyle Street and spread themselves out onto the prime busy corner of Argyle/Broadway to maximize exposure. Since its appearances, Tai Nam Supermarket, Tank Noodles and Bale Sandwiches are the leading anchors that have revolutionized the community.  The community now has plazas, parking lots, banks, travel services, nail supply stores, jewelery shops, and super markets.  Yes, finally the end of circling around the small jammed street and moving that traffic into the intersection.  I don’t know about most people, but I still miss the old days of shopping in Argyle Street, it was crowded but so festive every weekend.

The Vietnamese & Chinese populations have increased In Illinois over the decade and the culture for dining, shopping and services have changed and increased as well. Besides “Argyle”, Uptown is very desirable neighborhood due to its location.  Just minutes or even walking distances, you have access to Lake Shore Drive, the lake and beaches, brown lines, and a diverse community of dining, shopping and entertainment. With all the amenities, it has attracted many Caucasian to the neighborhood over the years increasing to little over 50% over different minority groups. So, what does all these mean?  You bet, REAL ESTATE!  Every thing I mentioned above has a landlord, tenant, a business owner, developer, and an investor.  Which is why Ann and I are proactively involved in this very small but constant emerging community.

Our community is quite small and sporadic compared to other Asian communities which is why the exposure to resources are limited.  Through our involvements in the community,  entrepreneurs wanting to expand have learned to incorporate and grab on opportunities of what this country has to offer.  We have the ability to bring so much to the community because knowing our culture and language, we can bridge the gap barriers. In this respect, our core foundation of experiences and network of resources are essential tools to guide our clients’ investment journey to the new millennium.  Many local investors are ignorant to resources like start-up capitals, leveraging, risk factors, rate-of-returns, and economic turmoil; so in a sense they are blind-sighted or handicapped to their surroundings.  Setbacks like these are disadvantages that concerns us.  Knowing what we know, we emphasize and educate on marketing & financial analyses before they make that big investment.  Our goal is to maximize profit and minimize risks.  Yes the simple cliche “rule of thumb” or “investment common sense 101” that many claims to manifest the obvious, but how many actually succeeded?  You got it!, “Easy said then done,” is the answer.

Besides working closely to help our community, we are always hustling and bustling outside of the community as well.  We found our niche but we can’t limit ourselves just to that.  Come one, lets get real!  The desire to explore the Chicago Metropolitan area is infinitive. We learned that doing business needs ambition, and ambition is just one of the catalysts of our company’s mission.  Ann, the full throttle train that seems to never run out of fuel is running the tracks of the city at different communities on a daily basis.  If there’s a networking event, count on Ann to be there.  She is the force behind the success of our company and I am proud and honored to have a partner with such intense and determination.  Her affiliations in the commercial industry is expansive and the knowledge and experiences she collected gets incorporated into her client’s investment portfolio, it’s quite impressive I tell you. One thing you can count on Ann to do with any transactions is to cut it up into pieces and sew it back all together….analyze, analyze and analyze.  And me, I’m a last spurt that usually comes out of the race winning unexpectedly.  I would lie if I told you that I never lost a race, but trust me, each failure fuels the engine for the next trip.  I am packed and ready for the next stop….all aboard!!!

Geez, what a long first post.  Come and  learn more about our us and our services at  Till the next post…..

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